As you all already read during last day, Microsoft showed Windows 8 at it’s Build conference. There are big changes in OS and I am sure there will be tons of articles about it. But for PowerShell enthusiasts in means something else. PowerShell version 3 is a part of new OS :)

Today, lot of people mentioned the most obvious changes/news/thoughts. To name a few:

After first check, I like following points:

  • IntelliSense in ISE – it works in both - Script Pane and Command Pane. Watch different icons for different types.
  • Commands Add-on in ISE - for me it looks like great tool for people new to PowerShell. They are able to see all possible parameters at one place and can easily fill/add it to current session. It contains question mark button which opens help for active cmdlet. When you fill all necessary parameters, you can insert result to your session. Unfortunately – it looks to me that it fully works only for cmdlets from core modules (Microsoft.PowerShell.*) and not for functions.
  • Support for #region, #endregion in ISE – collapsible.
  • ISE also support collapsing of expressions in brackets. As you can see on the picture it’s also highlighting matching braces.
  • New way how modules loading work. You can use tab completion for functions even the module is not loaded. Again one point – what I tested till now it looks that it not work for script module (but need to test more with Export-ModuleMember).
  • There is a module CimCmdlets - have to check it as it should be useful for my work.

Unfortunately I had to work today, so had not as many time as I wanted for some searching :)  Fortunately – will have holiday for next three weeks, so there will be enough time for other posts.