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David Moravec

On the internet, you can find me mostly under my pseudonym – Makovec. I work as an admin in a big international accounting company. My main responsibility is SMS/ConfigMgr administration. I am member of the team responsible for infrastructure/site management. It involves also work with other related technologies like IIS, Active Directory and Microsoft SQL Server (including T-SQL). Because of my T-SQL knowledge I am building most of our ConfigMgr reports.

I am using PowerShell since v1 (so I was not touched with its early Monad times). As I did some VBScripting before I immediately saw PowerShell as my possible new language to learn. And that’s all happened because of just one cmdlet: Get-WmiObject. As an SMS admin I saw its advantage in compare to my previous tools.

Since that time I use PowerShell as much as possible (mainly to automate my everyday tasks). I started blogging (in Czech language) in September 2008 (first article was named Get-Help). I’m publishing my articles also in Czech TechNet Flash monthly newsletter (since 2009). I am presenting at local Microsoft conferences and also created PowerShell Microsoft Virtual Academy lessons. For my work to the community, I was awarded as Microsoft MVP in October 2012.

I hope you will find this blog useful and some tips will help you with your work.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/makovec

My old blog: http://powershell-cz.blogspot.com/

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidmoravec

Jakub Jareš

I am an IT professional whose main interest is Windows Desktop and who recently became Windows 7 MCITP. I work in an international company as part of desktop support department.

Being part of software delivery team my main responsibility is to analyze and solve application issues. Tasks I face every day are forcing applications requiring administrator privileges to run without them, solving compatibility issues for legacy applications and analyzing integration requirements for new applications. During my short career I managed to get enough knowledge to be able to review solutions of my team mates and pinpoint cases they did not take into account; guide them when they try to tackle a problem for first time and analyze system and business requirements for various business projects.

My first encounter with PowerShell was two years ago when I took a five day course that was supposed to give me an overall knowledge of the PowerShell language, but in retrospective I only learned to list processes and format the output in dozen ways. Not being aware that my PowerShell knowledge is basically $null, on spring 2012 I accepted a task to create a quite complicated service that included communication with Exchange server, logging in SQL database, getting info from Active Directory, managing workstations and most importantly being reliable and verbose. Quite a daunting task that resulted in: reading PowerShell books, reading through piles of online articles, days of trying and failing, several attempts on introducing the right architecture and most importantly me getting hooked on the language somewhere in the middle of the process. Since then I am active member of several PowerShell forums (under nickname “nohandle”) trying to give the knowledge I got for free back to the community.

Regarding PowerShell related topics you can contact me on powershell@jakubjares.com.

To learn more about me visit my LinkedIn page http://cz.linkedin.com/in/jares or contact me directly on me@jakubjares.com.







  • #1 written by Fred 
    about 5 years ago


    I tried to add your .mobi ebook on PowerShell (PowerShellP.mobi) to the “My Kindle Content folder of my instance of Kindle For PC, so as to be able to read it there.

    But it disappears as soon as I open the Kindle For PC program. And no, it’s not in my Vista Home Premium “Recycle Bin”. Mysterious! Any conjectures about that?

    – Fred

  • #2 written by Fred 
    about 5 years ago

    I had written, “But it disappears … Any conjectures … ?”

    It turns out my download got cut off at 240 KB. I tried again and pulled in the full 4.4 MB. That file worked well (naturally).
    (No idea why the first download got cut short.)

    I guess Kindle for PC has some sort of self-protective “white blood cell” or “bacteriophage” behavior against invalid .mobi files. Who knew?

  • #3 written by BFU
    about 3 years ago

    ten původní blog byl s podtitulem “Informace o PowerShellu v češtině” a tady je to kompletně jenom v angličtině. Fakt trapný na .cz doméně, s tím běžte do háje. V angličtině je takových materiálů/blogů hafo.

  • #4 written by Lela
    about 3 years ago


  • #5 written by LEFTforHOPE 
    about 2 years ago

    Ahoj, mam podobny web a rad bych sdilel informace o Powershellu. Mam Hodne tipu a triku pro SharePoint, Exchange a SQL. Kontaktuj kdyz budes mit zajem.

  • #6 written by JimmiXS 
    about 1 year ago