I was asked by my friend to point him to presentations I delivered this year. As it should be useful also for others I decided to summarize it to this post. Please note that all my presentations were in Czech so maybe not so useful for English speaking people. But at least you can can my demo files as I added it to all sessions.

PowerShell Virtual Academy

Whole show was started in December when I agreed with my local IT Pro Evangelist that we’ll create four sessions over Live meeting. This was planned as beginning for people interested in PowerShell.

  1. Introduction to PowerShell
  2. Pipeline
  3. Exports and PSDrives
  4. WMI and scripts

Every part contains link to video, presentation, scripts I used and whole transcription of the session. If there were some questions during session, it’s answered also in the article.¬†General overview of the academy is accessible on TechNet.

TechDays 2012


It was a great pleasure when I was asked to give a session about PowerShell v3 during Microsoft’s Czech biggest conference – TechDays. The conference was held in two cities – Brno and Praha. I really enjoyed both shows. There was a lot of questions after my sessions and in Prague I spent more than hour with answering. At the moment there is available only presentation from this conference.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Maybe you already heard about Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA). It contains free lessons for different Microsoft related topics. I definitely recommend you to try some lesson related to your work. Anyway – we decided that we’ll move PowerShell Academy to MVA to allow people to use MVA environment for knowledge testing. Every MVA lesson contains also test at the end. So you can immediately check if you listened with open eyes and ears. You can find it at MVA web under PowerShell akademie.


I was already asked to continue with PowerShell Virtual Academy, so at the moment I am building an outline for additional (probably again four) lessons.