I received DVDs from MMS on Monday. What a nice day :) As I wasn’t in Vegas, these DVDs are opportunity to see all those interesting presentations at home. My wife was out of town this weekend so I had a plan – MMS party :) Wanted to watch everything I marked as interesting. My idea was to create one DVD with presentations I selected and play it on TV (and preferably do not leave my bed).

I moved selected folders to one place, you can see structure of BA02 session folder here (it’s the same for all sessions):

In directory with session code is places file video.wmv. Eh – not so good to place every video to root of DVD. So I opened explorer and copied every WMV file to specific location, changed it’s name to session code and did the same for all sessions I selected used PowerShell to process all files. BTW: If you like Show-Tree, it’s part of PowerShell Community Extensions.

First I wanted to save session names so I’ll be able to check session content based on file name (ba02.wmv). One place, where the session name is mentioned, is second line of media.js file:

PS ToBurn:\> Get-ChildItem -Include media.js -Recurse |% { (Get-Content $_)[1] -match ‘^{“title”:”(.*?)”,’ | Out-Null; $matches[1] }
BA01 – Configuration Manager State of the Union
BA02 – Configuration Manager 2007 R3: Technical Update
BA03 – Configuration Manager 2012 – Technical Overview
BA04 – Configuration Manager 2012: Application Management (Part 1 of 3)
BA05 – Configuration Manager 2012: Application Management (Part 2 of 3)
BA06 – Configuration Manager 2012: Migrating from 2007 to 2012

As I was working in console (I use aliases as much as possible) and wanted to store this list for future check, my actual command was:

PS ToBurn:\> ls -i media.js -r |% { (gc $_)[1] -match ‘^{“title”:”(.*?)”,’ | Out-Null; $matches[1] } | Out-Printer

Voila – Out-Printer useful again :)

Second I needed to move video files to my burn folder and rename it.

PS ToBurn:\>┬áls -i video.wmv -r |% { Move-Item $_ -Destination $(‘ToBurn:\’+$(Split-path $_.DirectoryName -Leaf)+’.wmv’) }

For all WMV files, I moved them to root of ToBurn PSDrive and renamed based on pattern <folder_name>.wmv.

Last point was to remove everything except video files:

PS ToBurn:\> ls * -r |? {$_.name -notlike ‘*.wmv’} | del -force

OK – then just burn what I just selected and MMS party can begin.

Conclusion: When I put DVD to my player, it reported: “Resolution not supported.” So I used my common solution: notebook + VGA cable.